About Empress Mimi Lingerie

On a sleepy summer evening in 2016, a group of successful women met at one of London's high-end rooftop bars. They drank champagne late into the night and imagined a world in which women confidently and unapologetically celebrated their bodies (without the need for a special occasion or eye-watering price tags to do so). 

The women  envisioned a lingerie brand that channeled inclusivity, self-love and self expression. A brand by women for women, which would turn the everyday into a little decadent celebration, with designs that adorned the body, and frequent deliveries which meant underwear shopping could become another thing to cross off the to do list.  

After all, was it not about time that someone created a lingerie collection from the perspective of the female gaze? Considering women are the ones wearing lingerie, surely they should be the ones making decisions about it being comfortable and sexy from their perspective..?

There is a misconception that lingerie is exclusively for the bedroom. What is worn underneath your clothes directly reflects how you feel and the energy you emit. A touch of sensual lingerie is the equivalent to a power suit, one that is delicious little secret that only you know about.

And thus, Empress Mimi lingerie grew from a dream into a reality. Unified together, we have created an online platform for those looking to re-ignite passion by looking after no.1. Whether it’s to seduce yourself (or your partner), Empress Mimi has created accessible luxe lingerie collections that gets delivered straight to your door ojnce a month and appeals to both your seductress and strong independent sides. Think naughty underwear, nice price, hassle free.

Dedicate some time to maintaining a level of comfort with your body. Do so by sending yourself a 'love letter' with Empress Mimi.

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